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Our History

We especially would like to acknowledge and thank Julie Eyles, Life Member & Treasurer (2012 – 2022) for her efforts to piece together this historical information and for collating and writing this article for the website. 

This history has been created from articles written by Moya Bregrazzi (Founding Member), minutes of committee meetings, and discussions with past committee members, particularly founding members Dorothy Kinsella, Maree Williamson and Bev Jacobsen. Special thanks to Liz Coyne’s insights and storage of historical meeting agendas and minutes.

In the late 60’s Victorian Catholic Netball Association (VCNA) organised netball on a parish basis and games were played against neighbouring schools. Games were played on the school grounds, St Peter’s being ‘home’ and school grounds in the zone ‘away’. Each team supplied an umpire. Dorothy Kinsella and Moira Bregazzi were instrumental in organising these umpires and managing all the girls into teams.

By the early 70’s there were around 12 teams covering juniors and seniors. By the mid 70’s it was noted that equipment needed replacing, namely the goal posts that were carried to court each Saturday from under the school hall’s stage. This was to be a great expense at the time which the parish did not commit to pay. The netball crew, who were parishoners themselves, then approached the parish to get permission to formalise the netball operations into a club.

And so it was on 16th February 1978 when the first official meeting was held and the inaugural committee was appointed, after the girls had been playing for about 10 years being supported by parents. There were 15 teams and $5 registration was charged per player.

St. Peter’s Netball Club Legacy

Our club has been an integral part of our community, fostering a 60-year netball journey filled with dedication, dreams, and a strong sense of belonging. Explore how we’ve built this remarkable legacy together.

60 Years of Netball Excellence

We’ve witnessed countless victories, built strong teams, and created unforgettable memories along the way.

Our Club, Our Community

Our members, players, and supporters have formed lasting bonds, making our club a true reflection of our close-knit community spirit.

Dedication and Dreams

From humble beginnings, we’ve grown into a club where aspiring netball players turn their dreams into reality,

Fundraising and Community Spirit

The club survived financially by fundraising. Progressive dinners are remembered fondly, cake stalls at church on Sundays, raffles, pie nights, chocolate sales and running a canteen on the school grounds. Many local clubs were rostered to staff Bingo nights in the school hall, the proceeds of which was divided amongst those local clubs and was a major source of funds for the netball club. Also fondly remembered was the end of year Mildura Tournament. Girls and designated guardians, travelled by train leaving Friday night. Arrived Saturday morning for tournament weekend, and returned by the Sunday night overnight train. Arriving home on Melbourne Monday morning tired but full of memories.

A 50c VNA was first charged to players in 1981 to cover their on court insurance, which the clubs had previously taken out an insurance policy for in the recent years prior.

By 1983 the competition at St Peter’s was increasing, so the 10 senior teams were moved to Dales Park. Then when St Peter’s school underwent a major renovation in 1986, and courts 4 and 5 were gone, all teams were moved to Dales Park. This competition was managed by Moorabbin Netball Association . .. to become Kingston and Districts Netball Association in 2000 and remains our home today.
There have been many wonderful volunteer parents and senior players that have kept the club running since the late 60’s. The current committee thank them profusely, especially founding members Dorothy Kinsella and Moira Bregazzi. Without their time and vision and eagerness to get girls to enjoy the game of netball, we may not have had a club today.